The MJ DanceSport Academy was founded by repeated champions of Lithuanian Latin American DanceSport Championship, vice-champions of North Europe, European Cup finalists, and finalists, prize winners and champions of international world ranking competitions, Miglė Klupšaitė and Jokūbas Venckus. Since 2015 the couple is in the top 25 of Latin American DanceSport World ranking among around 2,600 dancer couples.

Miglė and Jokūbas accumulated their experience and knowledge in seminars, competitions and university studies for almost twenty years. The couple that dancing together since 2014 believes that dance has no limits, and they want to share their love for it while nourishing the dancesport culture in Lithuania. Miglė and Jokūbas believe that real professionals have to keep improving their whole lives, so they constantly strive to improve both as dancers and as coaches.

Since 2010, MJ DanceSport Academy founder couple are members of the Lithuanian DanceSport Team who have had the privilege to represent Lithuania in European and World DanceSport Championships and in World Games 2017.